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Welcome to the BLAQBORD

A Build-Buy-Barter Network for the Black Military Community

The BLAQBORD facilitates the exchange of contact information, services, and products among Black Veterans, Servicemembers, Family Members, and Care Givers.

This ain't your average online forum. BLAQBORD is a game-changer.

BLAQBORD is a robust online space that fosters connection, resource sharing, and support within the Black veteran community.

Featured Offer

Access to Contact Info on 90+ Comrades 

With the purchase of an Annual Prime subscription, you will receive access to a contact information on all BLAQBORD members

For Us By Us

We understand the unique challenges and triumphs you face.

Community Connection

Find mentors, share resources, and build lasting bonds with people who share your background.

No more information overload

Access curated resources, services, and opportunities tailored to your specific needs.

From job boards to support groups

BLAQBORD is your one-stop shop for everything you need to thrive.

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