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  • What is BLAQBORD?
    BLAQBORD is a bartering platform for Black veterans, servicemembers, and their family members. The purpose of bartering is to facilitate the exchange of goods and services between parties without the use of money. In a barter system, individuals or businesses directly exchange items they possess or services they can provide for items or services they need.
  • How does BLAQBORD work?
    SUPPLIER Email high-resolution image of your product/service to The Subject of the email becomes your product/service title. The Body of the email becomes your product/service description. Be sure to include asking price/service duration. Attachments in the email will be added to your product/service. Click “Watch” option on your product/service. CUSTOMER Click on the product/service image Read and understand the description Select “Barter” or “Buy” In the comments section, use one of the following statements: Requesting barter of my (product or service) x (quantity) for your (product or service) x (quantity) Requesting purchase of your (product or service) x (quantity) Leave contact information in comments and delete the comment once seller confirms receipt of contact information. Click “Watch” option on your product/service. BOTH SUPPLIER AND CUSTOMER Engage in an offline discussion (using the exchanged contact information from the comment section) to confirm details (e.g., condition, shipping details, etc.).
  • Why does BLAQBORD exist?
    We built BLAQBORD to address the following issues in the Black Veteran community: Meeting Needs: Bartering allows Black Veterans to acquire goods or services that they need but might not be able to produce themselves. It enables them to obtain necessary items without the use of money. Flexibility: Bartering offers flexibility in negotiations. Parties involved can negotiate the terms of exchange based on the perceived value of the goods or services being traded. This flexibility can lead to mutually beneficial arrangements. Resource Utilization: Bartering can help utilize excess resources. If a veteran has surplus goods or services that they cannot sell for money, they can exchange them for something else they need through bartering. Social Enrichment: Bartering is more than just an economic transaction; it can be a way to build relationships, reinforce social bonds, and engage in communal activities.
  • Who is BLAQBORD designed for?
    Black veterans, servicemembers, and their family members.
  • How much does a BLAQBORD membership cost?
    The monthly subscription is $19.95. To save money, you can opt for an annual subscription ($14.95 per month, paid annually). You subscription starts after your 30-day free trial.
  • Where can I access BLAQBORD?
    BLAQBORD will be accessed at under the “BLAQBORD” tab.
  • When is BLAQBORD going live?
    BLAQBORD will go live on September 1, 2023. This platform is currently in the beta testing phase. The purpose of a beta test is to assess the functionality, performance, and overall user experience of a product, software, or service before its official release to a wider audience. Beta testing is a crucial phase in the development process, as it allows developers and companies to gather valuable feedback, identify issues, and make necessary improvements before the product reaches the general public.
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